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Wooden Packaging is extremely popular amongst different industries due to its strength and Naturally recyclable Cost-effective solution. Past few decades, Strict conservation policy limits harvesting of trees in India, hence India is a net importer of wood and wood-based panel products. Wood which have so many advantages and at the same time is associated with various issues like Supply, compliances, Infestation, Quality, Price etc.. We at Cross Country understanding the Industrial Application, design optimised wooden Solutions which help customer to save Money and improve the Pack quality of their products while following all the Statutory requirement. Industrial Wooden Packaging boxes We have a strong team of experienced professionals who source and design wooden solutions to suit the market demand.

We deal in all types of wood required for Packaging – Hardwood, Softwood and Engineered wood. Engineered woods are fast trending as the new solution to the fast depleting sources of wood. Engineered wood are produced with specific and consistent mechanical properties and quality, better than natural large wood. Below pictures illustrate the manufacturing process.

Why to choose wooden packaging

Wooden packaging constitutes 80% of the packaging of major goods world over, as most of the pallets are made from wood. Wood is easily convertible, environment friendly, not energy intensive Wooden packaging material are of softwood, hardwood or the mixture of both. Each type of wood has their own advantage but generally wood is inexpensive, durable and can be recycled.